Take your compliant communications efforts to the next level with Data Smart Marketing, which is our proprietary digital lead generation strategy to identify, engage, and communicate with your targeted HCPs or Patients for superior results.

This piece of the Data360 solutions suite helps you deploy and manage a compliant multichannel strategy with efficient and comprehensive tracking and reporting of communications.

Data Smart Marketing can be used in combination with Data On Demand (for quality data) and Data Safe Marketing (for verification intelligence on validated vendors) to achieve a streamlined strategy for compliant communications and message deployments.

Whether you’re deploying communications to Physicians, Healthcare Professionals, Medical Facilities, Patients, or Caregivers, Data Smart Marketing is your reliable solution designed with compliance in mind.

Relying on this solution helps with:

  • Tracking and implementing compliant policies
  • Managing email consent including opt-in, and opt-out
  • Defining and controlling access to data
  • Overseeing data security (encryption, anti-hacking measures, multilevel security, etc.)

Plus, easily integrate with any third-party CRM or marketing automation solution for further convenience. Savvy business and marketing leaders are realizing that increasingly stringent regulations emphasize the need for privacy by design – and that their CRM systems fall short. This is when they turn to Data360 for strategy, technology, systems, and support.

Data Smart Marketing from Data360 Connect
Data Smart Marketing

Are you ready to see how Data360 can help you with compliant communications?