Beyond access to quality data using Data On Demand, you can rely on Data Safe Marketing for a method to leverage compliant data and ensure safe best practices throughout all engagement efforts with targeted HCPs or Patients.

This piece of the Data360 solutions suite helps ensure you use compliant, opted-in, first-party data to meet the increasingly strict demands of data acquisition, utilization, and management.

Processes for Protection

Data Safe Marketing gives businesses the ability to ensure that data providers and data resources are not only compliant but also sourced and opted-in using approved processes. This allows maximum protection for both the company and the customers they communicate with in any format.

Through our Data Safe Marketing solution, we work to identify potential issues, apply and develop strategies to leverage proven compliant tactics, and ensure your data vendors and data collection is of the highest quality and procured using extremely compliant processes. Plus, we can provide technology that supports and complements the compliant nature of procuring your data points and engaging with customers at a level that is second to none. 

Certification Program

Participate in our Training and Certification program that enables both data providers and marketers to validate a vendor or data source. This program was developed by a team of data and compliance professionals with years of experience working with data acquisition for compliant industries including insurance, banking, and healthcare. Participants receive a thorough evaluation and seal of approval upon completion to demonstrate best practices are in place.

Use Data Safe Marketing in combination with Data Smart Marketing to achieve optimal compliance, quality of data, and marketing performance.

Data Safe Marketing from Data360 Connect
Data Safe Marketing

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