Whether you’re seeking quality and compliant data on Physicians, Healthcare Professionals, Medical Facilities, Patients, or Caregivers, Data On Demand is designed to be your reliable go-to resource. 

This piece of the Data360 solutions suite provides real-time access to high quality, first-party, 100% opted-in, fully authenticated and validated, and compliant data sources to fuel your marketing outreach. The solution is comprised of the country’s largest privately held data set of longitudinal health histories, claims-based and self-reported information, and behavioral intelligence – including U.S. and International data.

Our data sets include:

  • Online– Expansive data set of online behavior history and digital footprints (business and consumer); plus, capacity to identify in-market audiences aligned with specific target criteria.
  • Offline– Broad data set of offline behavior and transaction activity of consumers with valuable attributes including occupation, income, education, personality, interests, and more.
  • Ailment– Dynamic self-reported ailment file covering dozens of disease states with details of patients’ postal, email, and phone to target individuals by lifestyle and demographic data.
  • Claims– Comprehensive insurance claims data including CPT codes and ICD9 & ICD10 details to provide intelligence on physician treatments, procedures, and the patients cared for.

The quality of our healthcare data is unsurpassed – and always being updated and verified – so you can find a depth of information about your key healthcare audiences.

Plus, upload your own data to identify and enhance its validity and achieve a fully opted-in data set. For responsible data management, use Data On Demand to track and manage access to data by anyone in your organization with essential permissions and settings.

Data360 has been practicing an elevated level of data acquisition for 10 years; the product of that experience is Data On Demand. You can also explore Data Safe Marketing which is our proven process to establish an exceptional standard that all data providers and marketers should use to gauge the quality of every data source.

Data On Demand from Data360 Connect
Data On Demand

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