Your 360-degree Compliant Communications Solution

The Data360 suite of services effectively combines everything that healthcare marketers and data providers need for quality data sourcing, verification, communication, and reporting. 

It’s truly your total 360-degree compliant communications solution – from sourcing and strategy to execution and evaluation. In fact, Data360 provides the only first-party, 100% compliant data set in the healthcare industry.

  • Access and acquire compliant data
  • Ensure data is managed and used in a compliant fashion
  • Be confident that communications are delivered, tracked, and handled compliantly
  • Easily produce proof of opt-in to any individual requesting it
  • Demonstrate processes for data procurement and verification comply with regulations
  • Avoid data compliance violations and penalties
  • Improve campaign response using contact records of the highest quality

The Suite Includes

Data On Demand

High quality, first-party, opted-in, and compliant data sources to satisfy the need to connect with key healthcare audiences – HCPs and Patients.

Data Safe Marketing

Method of designing a process to leverage compliant data and ensure safe best practices throughout all engagement efforts with targeted HCPs or Patients.

Data Smart Marketing

Proprietary digital lead generation strategy to identify, engage, and communicate with your targeted HCPs or Patients for superior results.

Beyond the Click

Competitive tactic to execute a dynamic funnel for ongoing audience engagement that drives HCP or Patient behavior after they’ve taken initial action on a promotion.

Utilize any of the Data360 services to enhance your communications efforts – use in combination to achieve optimal compliance, quality of data, and marketing performance.

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